KEMIRA 100 years – narrating the story of chemistry and people

Kemira is a global chemical industry group originating from Finland celebrating its 100-year anniversary in 2020. During its lifetime, Kemira has transformed from a government owned fertilizer company to become a globally recognized industry leader within pulp and paper, oil and gas, and water treatment chemicals.

The story of Kemira intertwines industrial progress, impact on society and the knowhow of people, spanning over five continents and 100 years. Over the upcoming decades, Kemira will have a paramount role in solving some of the toughest challenges of mankind.


The success story of Kemira told in history books is one of many mergers and acquisitions. As a result of continuous expansion, today’s Kemira was lacking a cohesive identity that its people all over the globe could identify with. To celebrate the 100-year milestone Kemira, we were given the task of conceptualizing and producing a Kemira story with the purpose of strengthening its corporate identity, as part of the company’s 100-year anniversary.


We chose to re-examine the story of Kemira through its corporate heritage – identifying the key stories around shaping the Kemira of today and in to the future. We found that the story of Kemira would best be told audio visually by telling the story of how chemistry has fundamentally changed our society and will be crucial in solving pressing issues in years to come.

We ended up producing a one-hour documentary “Small streams lead to a river – Kemira 100 years”. The full-length documentary was translated to 11 languages. In addition to the documentary, several short films were produced, telling stories and thoughts around Kemira through interviews with both former and current people of Kemira from around the world.

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